Tracksino - Roo's Haunted Office Party

Published: Oct 24, 8:55 am

Mr. Roo has returned just in time for the annual trick-or-treat where he will be handing out big prizes to Roobetters who come knocking on his door! Before you go and grab your homemade ghost costumes and jump on those broomsticks to Mr. Roo’s house, make sure you stop by first at the Roo HQ, we have switched up the venue! Roo HQ will be hosting this year and the team is buzzing for Roo’s Haunted Office Party where a Halloween costume party is going down!

It’s time to celebrate the spooky season and add a little paranormal energy to your Halloween. Mr. Roo's Haunted Office Party is HERE and Mr. Roo is ready to give out even bigger and better prizes!

Roo’s $150,000 Haunted Office Party

All of the best sweet treats and paydays will be at the Halloween office costume party, including a total prize pool of $150,000. Earn your share as you spin to win on Roo’s Halloween qualifying slots!  Roo’s $150,000 Haunted Office Party will take place from October 22nd to November 2nd, giving 50 players a chance to win their share in the $150,000 prize pool.

And to add to the Halloween festivities…an additional $25,000 is also up for the taking, a brand new grand prize exclusive to this raffle! Read below on how to enter the raffle and how to increase your chances with 2x tickets!

How to Enter

Entering is as easy as saying “trick-or-treat” three times fast. That is if you are a human and not a kangaroo!

All you need to do is start spinning and enjoy all the usual Roobet action and adventure.. Players will earn 1 ticket for every $10 wagered site-wide and 2 tickets on the qualifying slots.

All Roobetters are cordially invited to Roo’s $150,000 Haunted Office Party so dust off your spooky costumes and dress to impress, even some of the out-of-town slot characters are coming into the office!