Roo's $100,000 KnockOut

Published: Sep 23, 12:46 am

Returning from the equally wonderful and dangerous land of distant Roobetia, Mr. Roo decides that he probably had enough of it for a lifetime. Putting the old game board away, he heads outside of his office, and immediately feels that something is off.

The office has changed. Everyone is keeping to themselves in their cubicles, enthralled with work. There’s no unusual work commotion, no music, no fun! All he can hear is the deafening sound of silence…

As he turns around looking for answers, he notices that the “ROOBET CEO” plaque on his office has been replaced. “BROOM CLOSET”!

He turns towards the offices and shouts: “Who’s in charge here?!”

The sound of clinking and scraping breaks the silent episode, and what appears to be a bad, metallic, yet massive copy of one and only Mr. Roo, speaks in a distorted, robotic voice: “THE OFFICE IS NOW MINE, AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME!”

Help Mr. Roo Train and Win

To defeat the RooB0T, Mr. Roo must train like a champ, and he needs all the help he can get! Starting on Thursday, September 22nd at 7 PM EST, you can help too! Simply seeing you having fun at Roobet once again is enough to remind Mr. Roo what he’s fighting for!

Of course, you won’t only be helping him win, but also yourself! So pick your game, and help Mr. Roo open up his inner eye of the tiger! With over 3000+ ways to have fun at Roobet, it was never easier to keep yourself entertained!

Playing any game on Roobet with a minimum wager of $10 will earn you a ticket. Should you pick any of the Play’n GO games, you will earn 2x the tickets!

After the fight night on October 2nd, 11:59 PST, as Mr. Roo brings down the boring B0T, it will be time to celebrate! The luckiest ten ticket holders will win their share in the $100,000 prize pool, so get yours before the knockout!