Monopoly 2 Rolls Competition

Published: May 4, 10:41 pm

Guess the biggest Monopoly Live multiplier from 2 rolls

The user who guesses the closest number to the highest multiplier from a 2 rolls bonus (including chances) will win 50 euros in cash. The contest will allow entries until Sunday 10th of May at midnight GMT.

Next week the highest multiplier value achieved between Sunday 10th of May and Sunday 17th of May from any 2 rolls bonus round (including chances) will be the correct answer.

  1. Enter your guess below to have your entry added for a chance to win!
  2. Make sure you enter the multiplier in numbers eg. (350)
  3. Entry to this contest is completely free.

The winner of the competition is Jessica.G from Belgium with her guess of 200x! Well Done.

Terms and Conditions

User will be paid via Skrill and must have a Skrill account to receive these funds.

User must be over the age of 18.

User must only submit a single entry to the competition.

User must reside in Europe, New Zealand, Canada or India.

This page will be updated with the winner after Sunday 17th of May.

If 2 or more users guess the same correct amount the prize will be split equally.