Crazy Time Secrets

Published: Jul 17, 3:39 am

Crazy Time has become one of the most played casino games ever. It is a hit sensation all over the world. So we thought we would celebrate this by sharing some of its hidden statistical secrets with you. Shhh though, don't tell anyone.

Crazy Time Bonus

One common question we receive a lot is about the Crazy Time bonus sections. One player will claim a certain section always seems to pay better than another, and everyone seems to have their favourite section. Here we share with you the section data for all time Crazy Time spins, keep in mind that this data currently spans around 1,600 rounds of the crazy time bonus and true averages can take much more data to get a complete picture. We do expect over enough time that all sections will even out perfectly and that average looks to be right around 50x.

Green section pays on average 48x
Blue section pays on average 51x
Yellow section pays on average 50x

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Coin Flip

Another query we get is about the coin flip game. People have their theories that the coin is more likely to land on a certain color, or lands the same way it was placed. Here we share with you the data around the coin flip game from the rounds we have tracked so far.

Red coin side landed 50.7%
Blue coin side landed 49.3%

The average win for coin flip is around 12x.

Cash Hunt

Players love targeting their favourite emoji icons when it comes to Cash Hunt, but is there any motive to the madness? Well currently we can share that the cactus symbol comes out on top with a whopping 61x average. This is likely helped along by this incredible 3,500x win. On average it seems like picking the bottom section of the symbols offers the players a slight advantage so far with a 26x average win and a 24x average win for the top section.



Does the section the puck is dropped in have any correlation to the landing zone? YES! On average the puck tends to mirror the position is was dropped in. The most common sections are the center and the most difficult sections are the very left and right sections. This means to look out for rounds that feature the big multipliers and doubles in the middle area when the puck is also being dropped from the middle area.

Don't stop here. Check out the full statistics in real time for Crazy Time as you play and watch video clips from all of the big wins.