Changes To Video Replays

Published: Jul 20, 5:07 pm

We have tracked hundreds of thousands of spins and bonus games since Tracksino first began 16 months ago. Over the past 6 months alone we have served over 25 million video views from replays of different wins.

We have captured a whopping 11 million megabytes of footage over the past year. These videos are large files in high quality and they are expensive to store especially when a lot of them are unwatched due to them being uninteresting. Over 96% of our views come from videos that are over 100x win multiplier.

Due to this, moving forward we will only store and enable replays from wins that are over 100x. We hope this is not an inconvenience to any of our users and you can understand our reasoning behind this change.

Ps. Our new Super Sic Bo tracker is planned for launch in the next few weeks along with some other cool new tools.

Happy Tracking!

  • Team Tracksino