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About Monopoly Live

Created in partnership with Hasbro and available only from Evolution, MONOPOLY Live is a unique live online game show based on the world’s best-loved board game. An all-new special edition of our popular Dream Catcher game, MONOPOLY Live takes the excitement and suspense of our world-leading money wheel game and adds unique MONOPOLY game elements. It’s another hot property from Evolution — combining live game action and augmented reality to redefine Live Casino entertainment forever and offer players the chance of massive multiplier wins!

How to Play

Before we can get into the nitty gritty of strategy, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how to play. Here is a brief rundown. Gameplay can be broken up into two parts, the main game and the bonus game.

Main Game - The game wheel features different coloured sections each of which has a number on it. The feature tiles are labelled as ‘2 rolls’ and ‘4 rolls’. When the wheel lands on these sections, a bonus game is triggered.  There is also a chance section on the wheel. If the wheel stops on this tile all players receive a chance card from Mr. Monopoly, which will reveal a cash prize or a multiplier. If a multiplier is shown all bets remain in place and the winnings on the next spin will be multiplied. Players can bet on any section of the wheel based on where they believe the wheel will stop after a spin.

Activating Bonus Games - To activate the bonus game and be eligible for prizes, players must have placed a bet on the ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’ segments.  This is why it is a good idea to always place a bet on these titles before the wheel is spun, so that you will be able to participate in every possible bonus game. The dice are rolled live by the game host in the event of a bonus game. If the wheel stops on ‘2 rolls’ the bonus will last for at least two rolls of the dice. If the bonus was triggered by the ‘4 rolls’ segment of the wheel the bonus will last for at least four rolls of the dice.

Bonus Game - When a bonus is activated, Mr. Monopoly, who has been observing the game from the side-lines, springs into action. A Monopoly board is shown on the screen and when Mr. Monopoly stops on a square the prizes or multipliers are added to the players’ bonus win. Mr. Monopoly continues to walk around the board until all rolls of the dice have been used up. If a bonus is triggered for the third time, players are shown a 3D monopoly world. Mr Monopoly makes his way around the board collecting multipliers until the rolls are used up. In this round, he can land on Chance, Community Chest and Go to Jail, which livens things up wonderfully and adds plenty of excitement. Rolling doubles adds an extra roll of the dice.

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