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About Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a new live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming, which features some really exciting bonus rounds. Of the twelve new live casino games Evolution Gaming plans to release in 2020, this one shows the most promise. The wheel and all the special features and bonuses are reminiscent of Monopoly Live, another popular live casino game from this developer.

What is more, with a planned launch date of July 2020, eager punters haven’t got long to wait before this game arrives on the scene. Ready to find out more? Let’s dive in.

How To Play

The wheel for Crazy Time is jam-packed with excitement. It’s bursting with colour and each colour represents a different kind of win. There is a blue 1x, the 2x segment is yellow, the 5x one is pink and there is a purple 10x segment. All of these money tiles are interrupted by different special feature tiles which punters can land on to activate bonuses.

The idea is that you place a bet on the number you think the wheel is going to land on and receive cash prizes when you win. In addition to the money tiles, you can place bets on the four different special feature tiles. You must place a bet on each one of the special feature tiles in order to qualify for that particular bonus round.
Evolution Gaming has estimated that a bonus round will be triggered around one in every sixth spin of the wheel, which will give players plenty of opportunities to win.

The wheel looks ready to play as it is, but it should be noted that Evolution Gaming may make some alterations to the bonuses and the wheel prior to the July launch. Crazy Time already looks like it will offer players bundles of fun, though!

The Bonuses and Special Features

Now that we have a grasp of the basic gameplay let’s have a closer look at each of the bonus rounds in turn.

Pachinko - This bonus reveals a big purple screen with prizes listed at the bottom. An electronic ball is dropped at the top of the reels, making its way down to the prizes. The prize you win is determined by where the ball lands. You can collect lots of doubles to increase your win.

Cash Hunt - When this bonus is triggered, a grid will be displayed showing 108 multiplier prizes you can win. The game host will pull a gold lever which will scramble all the prizes and conceal them under icons. These icons include a parcel, a rabbit, a joker’s hat, a chicken, a star, a cactus, a castle and a cupcake. You can then shoot one of the icons using your mouse to control the sniper scope that will appear, thereby revealing your prize. Each players will get a different win making it competitive and exciting.

Coin Flip - When this bonus in activated, it involves flipping coins, as you might have guessed. A screen shows a red coin and a blue coin. Once they stop flipping the coins will show two different multipliers. Below the screen there will be another coin in a bowl. That coin will them flip towards the screen, hitting either the red or blue coin to determine which prize you will win.

Crazy Time - This is the final bonus players can enjoy. This special feature has a fun, colourful background and displays a big wheel. At the start of the bonus round, you will need to select a flapper. On the wheel, you will find numerous different multipliers. Once players have all chosen a different coloured flapper, the wheel will spin.  When it stops, your prize will depend on which colour flapper you selected at the beginning of the bonus. The Crazy Time bonus has a return to player percentage of 95.5%.