Plaza Royal Goes Crazy Over Crazy Time

Published: Sep 14, 4:00 pm

What happens in Vegas…” – does NOT stay in Vegas with Plaza Royal!
Plaza Royal’s online casino will bring about the feeling that you are living your perfect Vegas dream, instead directly to the comfort of your home. With over 1,000 games from live casino to virtual slot machines, Plaza Royal’s fame propelled to new levels and NOW, we present to you one of it most talked about games at the moment, Crazy Time.


The money wheel that you see on the game has a total of 54 Segments, each containing it own individual number or bonus game symbol. There are also four Coin Flip Segments: two Cash Hunt, two Pachinko, and one Crazy Time Segment.
On average, a bonus round will be prompted after every 6th Spin (this is not guaranteed).

The Wheel Spin
After the Betting Time is over, the wheel is spun by the presenter to initiate the Top Slot spin. Each new spin begins in the opposing direction from the previous.
One of two possibilities will happen when the wheel stops turning:
⦁ If the wheel stops on a number segment, the players that bet on that specific segment will win. If a Top Slot multiplier is active, the result will be multiplied again by that number. The game ends and betting time starts again.
⦁ If the wheel stops on a bonus segment, the Bonus Round for that segment will be initiated. Only those players with an active bet on the segment will go forward to the bonus round. All the other players will watch the bonus round play out.

Crazy Time Bonus Games
To get into the Bonus Games, you need to have placed a bet on the bonus game places on the wheel.
The four Bonus Games in Crazy Time are:
Coin Flip
Crazy Time
Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt Bonus Game
⦁ A shooting gallery-style game with a ginormous 108 random multipliers. These multipliers are covered by symbols and shuffled. The player then targets their cannon at the symbol that they feel may be hiding the largest multiplier. After the canon has shot, the multiplier is uncovered, and the multiplier is won once the game is over for all players in the game.
All players choose their own individual target in this game, so everyone can win a different multiplier.

Coin Flip Bonus Game
⦁ The Coin Flip Bonus Game features a physical coin flip as well as a digital display. The digital display shows a red multiplier and blue multiplier. The coin, which has a red side and a blue side, is automatically flipped by the same machine, and players win the multiplier depending on the side that coin lands.

Pachinko Bonus Game
⦁ The Pachinko Bonus Game features a large wall with pegs. The presenter drops a puck into the wall and the players who have bet on the Pachinko Bonus Game will win the multiplier shown where the puck lands.
⦁ If the puck lands in the double value, all the multipliers are doubled and the puck will be dropped again.

Crazy Time Bonus Game
⦁ In the Crazy Time Bonus Game, the presenter opens a red door, into which the players enter a virtual world with a large wheel.
⦁ Players are given the option to select a blue, green or yellow flapper, all of which are located at the top of the wheel and then the game begins once the presenter presses the big red button.
⦁ The player wins the amount that their chosen flapper lands on, and the game ends. However, if a flapper points to a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ segment, all the multipliers will be doubled or tripled, and the wheel will be spun again for even more multipliers! This can be repeated up to a maximum of 20,000x multiplier, but you would need an extremely unlikely streak of luck to reach that.

Crazy Time RTP
The average RTP for Crazy Time is 95.4%. However, this can be higher or lower depending on the the bets you decide to make.

The RTP for each bet is as follows:
1: 96.08%
2: 95.95%
5: 95.78%
10: 95.73%

Pachinko - 94.33%
Cash Hunt - 95.27%
Coin Flip - 95.70%
Crazy Time - 94.41%

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